The Blissful Way to Exercise WITH Your Toddler

My feet are swelling, my back is throbbing, and I have that aching ligament pain. This is what happens when I am pregnant.

With my son (who is my first) I was able to take a hot bath when said pains occurred.

I couldn’t understand why pregnant ladies complained. I, naively, thought “These ladies are wimps! Being pregnant is not so bad. Suck it up ladies!”

My reality and humbling check happened when I got pregnant with baby number 2.

Boy did I have a foot in my mouth moment.

This time around, in addition to having pregnancy pains, I also had to take care of our two year old.

He is full of such life and curiosity that it frequently means I am chasing after him ALL DAY LONG.

It gets exhausting.

By noon I was beat and tired. Gone were the days of relieving my pain with a relaxing bath. Instead, I found myself lounging on the couch for hours as my son wreaked havoc on our house.

I could not keep up with this. Something had to change.

My doctor recommend that I started doing yoga to relieve this pain. My first reaction to this was, “Really?! Have you tried doing this with a rambunctious two year old climbing all over you?”

But because I was desperate so I took her advice. I started doing prenatal yoga 3 times a week.

After a few times of watching me do this, my son decided to try it out with me. He tried to copy what I was doing but it was difficult for him. After doing a quick search on Pinterest I found a website that provided step by step instructions, pictures, and videos of easy yoga for children (visit it here).


The thing that I love about doing this with my son is how beneficial it is to him. He is learning exercise is important and it is building his balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Plus, working out together I am able build our relationship. Whoop, whoop! Win all around!

 Now that baby is here I have found that by continuing to do these exercises together Spencer is able to get excess energy out, is learning the habit of exercise, and improving his balance and coordination.

I have been able to lose excess weight and regain muscle tone.

We take a few minutes while baby is doing tummy time to get in a few moves and stretches. Nothing fancy but it is working for me and my babies.


 What exercises do you do as a family?


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