The Perfect FREE Family Activity

With the warmer weather it is time to get outside! But what can you do? Money may be tight but you can still have a fun adventure. Today I share with you the perfect, free family activity.

My family is blessed to live in a state that has an abundance of outdoor activities. Here in Utah, there are so many fun things that families can do outside. My family’s favorite outdoor activity is to go hiking. With a toddler that is not always an easy thing to do. He gets easily distracted by the rocks and sticks. Whenever he is not in the carrier he wants to pick up every single rock and stick and either throw them or save them for his collection. While I love to see his enthusiasm for nature, this can make hiking very, very long. Anyone else have a little boy like this? He enjoys being in the carrier but not for very long. After about 20-30 minutes he wants out!

I want to share with you two hikes that I have found to be perfect for our family. 

It takes about 20-30 to reach the reservoir. The hike starts off semi steep and rocky. This however does not last very long. It then goes into a path that slowly goes upward. While you are hiking you get a fantastic view of the Salt Lake Valley. The reservoir is a cute, little lake that attracts a lot of geese and ducks. There are a few benches around the lake to sit on but you can also find rocks if the benches are all taken. My family has always hiked this in the late afternoon during the week and it has not been too crowded. However, this site does get very crowded on the weekends. Catch and release fishing is allowed here. If you walk around the lake you can find a small waterfall which my little munchkin loves to throw rocks and sticks in. This is a good hike to bring a picnic lunch or dinner. You could eat at the lake or stop at one of the local parks close by. (That is my families preferred way. That way Spencer can get out any last minute wiggles at the playground before we go home.)

This hike is perfect for a morning or evening stroll through the mountains. The hike starts off following a small creek. (Make sure you follow the trail next to the creek, the other trail is very steep, hot, and in my opinion, will make you die. Ok, not really but just trust me that the other trail is miserable. Follow the creek!) The trail goes through trees so you get some shade. About half a mile in there are some picnic benches that would be perfect to stop at. There is room there for the kids to run around and eat a snack. This hike is one that is very easy for little kids to do since it is pretty flat most of the way. Make sure and bring your camera because this hike is gorgeous!

Hiking is a great activity for families. Some of the many benefits include:
  •  Family time
  • Being outside
  • It’s FREE
  •  Kids can explore nature and get real life exposure to bugs, dirt, animals, trees, etc.
  • Great time to teach outdoor skills
  • Reinforces the importance of being healthy
  • Teach children the importance of taking care of nature
  •  Let’s the inner child out in the whole family
Here are some links for some more fun family hikes in Utah.(NOTE: All of these hikes have various levels of difficulty. Some may be better to do with older children.)

Any other hikes I should add? Any tips for taking your family on a hike?

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